Cranesfield Dressage

A full service dressage facility Memphis, TN
Dressage Lessons and Training at Cranesfield Farm
Stacy Ferrara on Domenic.
Pat Kessler on Koss. developing pirouette
                  Carly on Belle
First lessons are in the round pen.
Dressage instruction at Cranesfield emphasizes development of a correct seat and a thorough understanding of how the rider influences the horse. Peggy Gaboury brings years of riding and observation to her teaching. Her instruction is informed by an extensive knowlegdge of the biomechanics of both the horse and rider. Riders are encouraged to cross-train in Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga, and lessons are taught from an understanding of those disciplines. Her particular skill is based on understanding of Feldenkreis movement therapy and body awareness.
Peggy has studied dressage with many trainers over the years, beginning with Hector Carmona in 1974, later with Richard Ullmann from Switzerland and with Cathy Morelli in New Jersey. For the last 10 years, she was trained primarily with Sarah and Clayton Martin, of Colorado.
She has participated in USDF Intructor-trainer workshops and "L" program workshops.. In addition to teaching at the farm, she regularly teaches clincs in Mississippi and Louisiana, and judges at unrated shows. She has trained and competed to Fourth Level.
Lesson and Training Fees:
Private 45 minute lesson $45.00
Semi-private, 1 hour $35 per rider
Training . $35 per session
Cranesfield Farm 7295 Hwy 194 Williston, TN 38076 901-853-1815
demonstrating self- carriage in trot